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RM Living – contemporary living defined, offering an exclusive and mindfully curated collection of contemporary furnishings, custom cabinetry, and accessories for an elevated lifestyle.


RM Living, an RM Interiors company, applies over 20 years of experience across Europe and North America to deliver a thoughtfully curated collection of international contemporary furnishings to the Midwest market.

RM Living’s collection of contemporary materials, finishes, and goods have been selected based on a skillfully developed set of criteria that focus on craftsmanship, material quality, and have been personally evaluated by the RM Living team. We welcome architects, designers, collectors, and connoisseurs to envision, curate, and create contemporary living spaces that defy the traditional through art and design.

Are you a homeowner, architect, or builder looking for inspiration and guidance regarding designing and furnishing a contemporary lifestyle? Are you looking for collaboration while designing your sophisticated kitchen or elegantly functioning walk-closet? Maybe you are looking for assistance in designing a spa-like experience in your master suite. Our team has been skillfully trained by RM Interiors principal designer, Renan Menninger, while also working alongside our suppliers to assist you in designing and crafting the contemporary space of your dreams.


Contemporary furnishings and materials that enhance your lifestyle.

Pure Contemporary.
Personalized Service.
Exceptional Experience.

Our design team offers specialized planning, material, and color recommendations while demonstrating how our products can best be utilized in your space to elevate your lifestyle. Our process follows a set of guiding principles but will be unique for each individual depending on the specific constraints of the project. We focus on presenting the best possible product solutions, designs, delivery, and installation that meet your unique needs.

Whether you are a trade professional or an individual looking for that unique non-traditional furnishing, kitchen, bathroom, or custom closet, we begin by explaining our services, then identify and define each project’s goals and constraints. We take a very collaborative and mindful approach regarding design and function, understanding what the expectations are, ensuring we achieve your perfect environment.


Based in Cincinnati, OH, RM Living was created out of necessity by Renan Menninger of RM Interiors. As a highly sought-after and exclusive contemporary interior designer, Renan has been traveling the world for more than 30 years seeking out the finest and highest quality interior furnishings and materials that deliver on the design objectives of her aesthetically inspired clients. With contemporary interior products a scarcity in her home city of Cincinnati, Ohio, Renan began building personal and deep relationships with the finest craftsmen and suppliers from around the world, leading to the creation of RM Living, a curated collection of contemporary interior products that enhance your life.